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7:15 p.m. - 2007-04-12

Magnify Me

Tonight I�ll kiss you and tomorrow I�ll miss me
These regrets
These empty inside threats
Looking into you, only magnifies me

Laid out before you
My skin drunkens with your touch
Hold me back, but I can�t remember just for what
With every drink I found you
With every kiss, they magnified me

I dreamt of him but here I am with you
Once again� let�s just pray this time I don�t screw
I walk away letting yet another one down
I pull in running for higher ground
With every kiss we magnify me

Eyes clenched shut
My arms reach out as if they are their own
They want nothing more than to feel you here in my home
With every drink they betray me
With every drink they find you
With every glance, this drink magnifies who

Fingers peck
Listening for alerts, I can�t help but always check
Letters glow across the screen
Together we are everything...we are what true love means
With you, I am proud to magnify me

6:02 p.m. - 2007-02-19

Better than Who?

Is it me you want within
Or do you just hope to poisin me for that for which I've sinned
It was you always and yet never
You went the deepest and yet I never let you in
Now the game has started and without realizing it, you've bought my ticket, without saying goodbye, I'll soon be departed
And although we wished us closer, we remained planted in chairs so far apart
I imagined your arms wrapped around my waist, but never did I find myself in your place
I stay here and dream... we dream of better than who?

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